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The CZR Mandate includes:

  1. To promote ethical and transparent business practice within the retail sector.
  2. To be the voice of retail and wholesale in Zimbabwe through lobbying and advocacy.
  3. Promotion of dialogue and maintain cordial relations with all retail stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and government.
  4. To register and coordinate activities of all retailers across the country regardless of size and location.
  5. Promote customer service Excellency within the retail sector.

The CZR has received full endorsement from government and we have had high-level meetings with the Vice President of Zimbabwe Honourable E.D. Mnangagwa, the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr. J. Mangudya, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Honourable Mike Bimha, etc.

The government of Zimbabwe recognizes the CZR as a key economic development partner. The CZR takes particular interest in the indigenous SME retail players long marginalized by lack of advocacy and lobbying for affirmative policies. Big brands, often foreign funded, have had an unchallenged advantage over local small to medium players with limited means for retail chain expansion and subsequent brand establishment. By lobbying on behalf of the voiceless, the CZR has to date secured a number of milestone concessions from the government in terms of policies aimed at fostering growth and development of local SMEs in the retail sector. With the whole nation in mind, the CZR has been working tirelessly to promote the adoption and expansion of technological advancement in the form of POS systems for small shop owners in rural areas. The CZR has a grand strategic plan to reach out to all the remote parts of Zimbabwe and work with various stakeholders to develop the SME retail players in those marginalized communities.

Every retail outlet big and small must make use of technology for security and customer service.

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